Welcome to 2022

Year of the Tiger

Well, it is certainly likely that we all breathed a sigh of relief putting 2021 into our collective rear-view mirror.  Unless you are deep in the stock market (20 to 25% returns in North American markets) then 2021 was a year of wrenching twists and turns more given to a war year (which in some ways it was).

At TSA we are looking forward to a more stable political and economic year in 2022, China’s Year of the Tiger, though we stand on guard for those outlier events that could really create uncertainty or instability – higher than expected inflation and interest rates, changing political dynamics that create instability around the minority Liberal federal government or the larger provinces, external events into which Canada is drawn unexpectedly.

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ government relations and strategic information needs.  And we continue to grow in support of those growing needs.  For this, we thank you.

At the close of 2021, we were proud to make a year-end donation on behalf of our clients to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This is a charity we have got to know personally.  We understand just how important it can be.  As for TSA’s “wish” it is for a rapid end to COVID and for the health, prosperity and happiness of our clients and friends throughout 2022.

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