Our Clients


TSA works successfully in multiple policy sectors, including financial services, healthcare, energy and environment, transportation, infrastructure, fisheries and agriculture, competition policy, intellectual property, consumer rights and privacy, telecommunications and technology, and culture.

Here is some of TSA’s more recent project work.

Canadian Bank Note Company: TSA worked with Canadian Bank Note (CBN) Company on the application process and stakeholder engagement campaign that secured $40 million in federal support from the Strategic Innovation Fund for cutting-edge R&D. TSA also works with CBN on provincial government procurement and on navigating international trade regulations.

Canadian Dental Association: TSA has a longstanding partnership with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), working on advocacy projects and lobby days that have addressed a range of issues, including government funding for public dental programs for complicated care patients and vulnerable communities, nutritional policy related to good dental health, pharmacare policy, and the regulatory and tax framework for dentists as small business owners. Notably, TSA developed and executed a successful campaign by CDA to maintain the employer sponsored health benefit plans that many Canadians rely on.

Canadian Propane Association: TSA works with the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) on Federal and Provincial environmental, fuels, agriculture, transportation, and taxation policies. TSA has helped policy-makers understand low-emission propane is an essential service for many Canadians and CPA is a trusted partner to governments, notably, for example, when we facilitated a collaboration between the CPA and the Government of Manitoba to ensure funding for a constant supply of propane and propane storage infrastructure to the Town of Churchill.

Entertainment Software Association of Canada: TSA partners with the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) to raise stakeholder awareness that the Canadian video game sector is an innovation leader and one of Canada’s largest employers of STEM workers. We also support ESAC’s engagement on Federal policy and regulatory development for issues ranging from data privacy to developing Canadians’ STEM skills and attracting high-skilled foreign workers. Notably, TSA arranged for Prime Minister Trudeau to tour Electronic Art’s expanded Vancouver studio, which exposed the Prime Minister and his senior staff to the cutting-edge R&D work done by video game companies in Canada.

Canadian Association of Radiologists: TSA has an expertise in healthcare advocacy, having worked with several medical trade associations. We are proud to partner with the Canadian Association of Radiologists on raising government awareness of key healthcare issues such as access to and screening guidelines for mammograms in Canada, the growing role of Artificial intelligence in radiology, and the tax framework for medical professionals.

Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign: TSA was proud to assist the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign in securing $2.9 million in government funding over three years to support the planting of 2,000,000 trees along the Highway of Heroes and 401 corridor – one tree for every Canadian that has volunteered for military service during times of conflict.  

Mastercard Canada: TSA has a longstanding partnership with Mastercard on shaping Canadian payments and financial sector policy and regulation. Amongst the many issues that TSA has advised and supported Mastercard on are payments governance policies, extension of the voluntary interchange agreement, cybersecurity and data privacy, the development of a Federal framework for open banking, and the inclusion of digital trade in Canada’s trade agreements, including CPTPP and CUSMA.

Neste: TSA works with Neste to engage the Federal and Provincial governments on the development of clean fuel standards, climate change policy, and government support for innovation in the renewable energy sector. Neste is a company that’s in the business of fighting climate change. They are the world’s leading producer of advanced biofuels, which are 100% renewable low carbon fuels that can immediately replace fossil fuels in hard to electrify vehicles – like heavy duty trucks and airplanes. TSA works to ensure that the Canadian regulatory framework and investment environment enables Neste to provide Canadian businesses and cities with its renewable products, which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

Salesforce: TSA works to build Salesforce’s Canadian brand and pursue opportunities for Federal and Provincial government procurement. TSA has positioned Salesforce as a trusted voice to governments on privacy, innovation, and digital government and as a corporate social responsibility leader. TSA has arranged multiple meetings between Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Prime Minister Trudeau, including a joint summit on gender equality in the technology sector at the Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco.