Fast Facts – 2019 Federal Throne Speech

This afternoon, Governor General Julie Payette delivered the 43rd Parliament’s Speech from the Throne, formally launching the legislative agenda for the Liberal minority government.

  1. Prior to the Speech, Liberal Member of Parliament Anthony Rota (Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ontario) was elected as Speaker of the House of Commons.
  2. The Throne Speech identified climate change as “the defining challenge of the time”, and the Government promised new, ambitious action on the issue. Expect the Liberals to stand by the Federal price on pollution, implement a Federal Clean Fuel Standard, and take new and strengthened measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. The Speech commits that the first act of the new Parliament will be to enact a middle-class tax cut – specifically raising the basic personal tax deduction to $15,000 – that was promised by the Liberal Party during Election 2019. Other major economic deliverables profiled were a focus on taking steps to make life more affordable and a pledge to ratify the new NAFTA.
  4. The Speech also highlighted pharmacare, gun control, and reconciliation with First Nations peoples as issues that this Parliament will prioritize.
  5. The Speech acknowledged regional tensions that were highlighted during Election 2019, and vowed that the Government is open to considering and enacting good ideas from all Parties and any Parliamentarian.
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